Forum for Confluence

Share knowledge and create unique forums between
developers, devops, project managers, QA, product owners, SCRUM masters,
interests, products, or anything worth talking about.

Share Knowledge

Communicate with the experts of your team and share knowledge.

Usable by anyone

Everyone can use the forums, with easy set-up and use.

Multiple Forums

Create multiple forums for different working groups and purposes.


Structure your forum
with smart categories

By using smart categories you get two level of posts. A smart filtering option makes it easy for the user to to extract whats important. Color coding makes it beautiful and highlights categories in a simple way.


Rich edtior with mardown to creat great content

It is important to have a good editor were you can add headers, code parts, lists and other markdown. A slick and useful editor is included in this pack.

Connect experts

We embrace sharing knowledge between different experts. By creating forums for small groups of experts you can help each other.

Experts can be like developers, DevOps, project managers, QA, product owners, SCRUM masters, interests, products


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